David Granados works with fragments of very concrete reality which he reorganizes within a certain construction. In this process, intuition and coincidence play an important role. The fragments used originate from seemingly worthless, often thrown away items from everyday life, such as magazine ‘rippings', leftover posters and other materials. But they all constitute our daily environment. The partial deconstruction of the materials is needed to obtain a new image construction and so reinvent reality. The final form of the collage is not only dictated by coincidence. Indeed, every step in this rebuilding involves a degree of mutilation. Every piece, scrap or shred constitutes to some extent a scar, an offense to the original materials. But this mutilation is at the same time constructive. Moreover, different time moments come to a new unity: the memory of the moments that the original materials were made and the time when images of the originals were reused in the creation of a new image construction. The original materials seem to have no relation to art. But these seemingly art-less materials as magazine, posters ,discarded materials, etc. become elements within an alternative and complement to the traditional painting techniques, which are also integral parts of the art work. That’s the reason these collages are ‘painterly collages '. The painterly vision prevails in the new image. The final creation can only be explained through the kinship with the traditional painter’s view. All the components are used in a "balanced" way: certain jammers break through the originally unbalanced composition of the fragments of destructed materials.
Born in 1985 San Salvador, El Salvador lives and works in Ghent

Master degrees fine arts cum laude KASK Ghent (Be)

Bachelor degrees fine arts cum laude KASK Ghent (Be)
Rudolf Steiner school, Ghent (Be)
Internship at Umberto Squarcia Designs Inc, mid February – mid March 2009 (449 West 56str. New York USA, ref. Umberto Squarcia)

Internship at De Garage, 5 January - 31 August 2010 (ref . Koen Leemnas)

Catalogue "De Canvascollectie"; uw kunst in beeld, 2008, pg. 120, Lannoo

The publication on the occasion of KASKweek 2010, The graduate show of students at the university college Ghent-Faculty of fine arts (KASK), June 2010, pg. 44

Design for the cover of the book "Wegwijs in kennis", een praktijkgerichte inleiding tot de informatiewetenschap, Rik Verhaaren, 2010, Acco Leuven/Den Haag

limited edition art book david granados "collages" 2014,ghent

Art Habens : februari 2015, Dario Rutigliano , p. 90-110.



2 bachelor schilderkunst,
Ghent(B), 2008

3 bachelor schilderkunst
Croxhabox, Ghent(B), 2009

Bozar, Brussels(B), 2008

Work in progress
masterprojecten, Ghent(B),

Campo Victoria, Ghent(B)

master afstudeerprojecten,
KASK Ghent(B), 2010

kunstsalon (group show)
1 sep- 29 sept 2011
Sint-Pieters Abdij Ghent(B)

CJK,centrum voor jonge kunst
15nov - 16dec 2012
duo show/ ghent(B)

'Ik ben niet gek...'
15,16 and 17 februari 2013
ICC ghent (B)

groupshow Art auction


\consructed chaos\
17 feb - 16 march 2012
Sd Worx Antwerp(B)

16 maart 2014 , Ghent

Conquest of space
de loods 2017, Duffel Limbo
6 oct - 16 nov 2019 by'ro Desk for contemporary art , Oudenaarde
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